This project was a joint project between Sepano Construction Company and WEM in Chamestan, Mazandaran. WEM was in charge of project management and executive of whole work. Sepano was in charge of finanance. The project started in September 1981 and completed in Novembre 1984. . The job was to construct a 300-Meter wide at the crown and 28-Meter height reservoir dam for irrigation of 800 acre of rice producing farms from Amol to Noor in Central Mazandaran. The client was Mazandaran Water and Eletricity Authority and the consultant was Yekom Consultant Engineers. The dam was an earth dam with a bitumin curtain and pure clay core and riprap cover. The job was done in three years which was 12 months delay becuase in 1982 more than 200 days were raining and the core was clay and we had to wait until the clay gains back its optimized wetness and could be compacted to 100%.

Description of pictures : From top to bottom and left to right : (1) Spread and compaction of core (2) The spillway concreting (3) Pouring bentonite for the curtain (4) Buldozer D-8 trapped in mud during rain (5) The Buffers at bottom of spillway (6) Leveling and compaction (7) Leveling and compactiom (8) Rip rap (9) Openning ceremony