This project was a joint project between Kish Pars and Behafar Construction Company (BCC). The client was Kish Investment and Development Company (KIDC) and Kish pars was assigned to participate in tender process by preparing tender documents and estimation of cost. The joint venture was awarded the project in September 2014. Kish Pars was in charge of technical work and project control and to provide and archive documentation. Also preparing claims and statements. Behafar Co. was in charge of managing the site and provide equipment and labor and material, required funds, administration and accounts. The project purpose was to landscape an area as large as 4.5 km long and 50 to 100 meters wide along the main road to Saffein passing the sport complex and Kish Kariz. A pond and 2 km bikeway and 2 km walkway plus ten structures similar to ten historical monuments of different points of Iran were part of this project. The project initial contract amount was 90 billion Rials but the cost exceeded more than twice of initial estimation by KDCI due to many changes in plans. So the continue of project was awarded to the same joint venture thourgh a new contract. The job was completed in 18 months but KIDC could not pay the total amount of final statement yet because of lack of budget.