This project had two goals. First to clean up the island from any dumped soil or remains of any previous uncompleted earthworks and second to grade and level non-smooth area around residential and business area and prepare flat surface for tourism purpose such as parking lots, camping areas, praying ground, and so on. The locations of work were determined by the client, The Kish Investment & Development Company, based on work orders. The project was a joint project between Kish Pars and Chailagh Construction Company (CCC). Kish Pars was in charge of preparing tender documents and estimation of cost for bidding. The joint venture was awarded the project in September 2014. Chailagh Co. was in charge of site management and providing equipment, man power, funds and execution of whole work. Kish Pars was in charge of technical matters including preparing monthly statements and claims. The first contract completed in 7 months and the extension of project was awarded to Chailagh through a tender process that Kish Pars prepared cost analysis, tender documents and estimation. Chailagh company won the bidding but Kish Pars didnít participate in second project.