This project was awarded to WEM as the sub-contractor through a tender process. The main client was Ab Niroo Company but WEM client was ILBAU from Austria. The consultant Enginner was La Mayer from Germany and Moshanir for electrical works. The location of the site was 30 Km north of Masjed Soleiman in Khoozestan Providence. The project was to contruct intke structure that was 40 Meter high and a trasit structure that divert the Karoon river water to the diversion tunnel. The job was done in 11 months and turned over to ILBAU and was set in operation.

Description of pictures : From top to bottom and left to right : (1) Prepare foundation and installment of Earthing system (2) First concrete pouring for foundation (3) Concrete pouring for second stage of foundation (4) Installing rebars for first stage walls (5) Detail of rebars - 7 rows of T-32 and T-18 (6) Formworks and rebars installment for walls (7) First stage walls (8) Goose neck formworks and rebar installment (9) Backside of intake structure and beginning of transition to tunnel (10) Inspectors from Lahmeyer and Moshaneer (11) Goose neck formworks installing (12) Transition structure from intake to tunnel (13) Completed intake first stage (14) Complete intake second stage (15) Intake under operation and inpounding