The Hoor Cape is one of the tourist attraction sites in Kish Island. At the sunset there is a great view of the sun that goes down in the sea and shows many colors at the horizon and also when the sea is wavy the fountains of water appear among the cracks of the coral cliffs that sometimes splash up to 60 feet high. The KFZO through Kish Investment and Development Company defined a project to landscape the area and build a park with walking tracks and bike tracks and Gazeboes with picnic tables and areas for restaurants and other entertaining facilities. Kalanshahr Consultant Engineers designed the park and prepared the plans and tender documents. The project was rewarded to Behafar Construction Co. and Kish Pars Associates as a joint venture. Behafar was in charge of finance and Kish Pars was in charge of project management and execution of work. The project included 4 km sidewalk, 4 Km bike track, and car parking, green spaces with lighting and decorative symbols. During the construction a lot of changes happened by proposal of Kish Pars due to moderate slopes and decrease the amount of earth works. The job was done in 10 months and handed over to the Client.