1. Review plans and check the conformity of plans with the rules and regulations of the municipality of Kish.
  2. Preparation or redraw of plans for workshop to be easy for technicians and workers to follow.
  3. Presenting updated data base of all construction materials and technics available in Island.
  4. Management of procurement according to the Program to avoid blocking capital as unnecessary materials in store.
  5. Programing and updating the time schedule with actual efficiency of workman ship and availability of materials and machinery.
  6. Preparation of Statements , Progress Reports, Claims and follow up the required procedure to obtain approval from the Clients.
  7. Budgeting and managing the cash flow of the project with forecast according to the Program.
  8. Review and optimize the execution method of each discipline and writing method statements for each activity according to the Program and available resources in the Island.
  9. Make partnership with investors as a local entity to compile with the IIR and the City of Kish.
  10. Participation in bidding the government projects in behalf of the international companies who are interested in infrastructure in Kish Island.
  11. Design and optimize the selection of electrical, piping and air-conditioning method and material for buildings and other facilities.
  12. Consulting investors and prepare economic analysis for any investment in the Island by consideration of all existing obstacles and political limitation in the country and the Island.