This project was to manage to get building permit for 13 lots with total area of 60 Acres belong to Imam Khomeini Executive Headquarter (Setad Ejraei Farman Imam) and was awarded to Kish Pars in Fall of 2015 by the Barkat company that is in charge of control of all Setad properties in Iran. The amount of contract was 5 billion Rials and seemed to be a small job but actually it went beyond the contract description. The permits in contract were for seven 5 star hotels, Three Shopping Malls, two office buildings and 130-villa residential complex. All geology studies, land reports, survey and economy study and structural design of buildings were assigned to Kish Pars later on. The architect design of 10 lots were carried out by an architect company but three lots were assigned to Kish Pars as additional to the contract. The main reason for Kish Pars to accept this project was to be awarded construction management of few of these lots but it didn't happen. The projects completed in less than a year and all the plans were submitted to Kish Municipality but the Barkat did not pay the construction permits fee that was exceeded three thousand billion Rials. The Barkat extended the project time for Kish Pars to three more years in case of they pay the fee and Kish Pars could get the permits. Kish Pars was forced to pay to all the project staff for three years and this caused a big loss for Kish Pars. After the last extension of contract , the Setad deducted %15 of amount of final statement for not receiving the permits that was Barkat fault.