Kish Pars Associates was established in March 2014 by invitation of experienced engineers who had worked in different fields of engineering, architecture and construction work and mostly senior engineers and previous managers and directors of Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) and Kish Engineering and Development Company (KEDC).

The main purpose to establish this company was first to assist the KFZO and KDIC (Kish Development & Investment Company; replacement of KEDC) in developing the island in a proper direction and maintain the original goals of the island General Plan which was to be a tourist and trade center in Persian Gulf. The other purpose was to assist the investors who come to the island and are not usually familiar with the cultural symbols and general urban plan of the island and also the investors who are working in Kish but they have always conformity problems with the engineering and architectural rules and regulations defined by the authorities.

The founders of this company are Mr. K. Zolfaghari , Director of KEDC from 1994 to 1999, Mr. M.A. Hariri , 15 years chief inspector of most construction sites in Kish Island, Mr. M. Matin , the previous manager of Contracts Department of KDIC, and Architect Ms. Atoosa Salehi.

The company is registered as a consultant engineering firm but the offering services of the company obtains any services in all fields of civil engineering, architecture and construction including design , inspection, build any residential , industrial, commercial, cultural, recreational buildings, infrastructural projects in civil field and urban development, partnership with investors or land owners to initiate projects, and also partnership with international contractors and investors to participate in bidding for government projects, and any other technical assistance and Project Management.