Mr. Kameran Zolfaghari is the director and the main shareholder of Kish Pars Associates with 90% of shares. He graduated from the University of Northeastern in Boston, Massachusetts as a Civil Engineer, Class of 1978. He has work experience in four countries, Iran for 22 years, United States for Over 9 years, United Arab Emirates for 4 years, and Australia for 2 years. After receiving his degree with honors he started working in Iran in spring of 1979. First in Tabriz Cement Factory construction and then in Darab-Fork, a 30 Km mountainous segment of Shiraz to Bandar Abbas transit highway. In 1981 he joined the Engineer Corp during the Iran-Iraq war and in the same year he established the Bureau of National Projects construction company. In four years more than 20 projects were completed with a taskforce of 1200 engineers, technicians and laborers. In 1985 he moved to Sydney, Australia and started study Hydraulics in New South Wales University and meanwhile designed and constructed a local shopping center in Manly, suburb of Sydney. In 1988 he moved to United States and worked as an Office Engineer in Los Angeles Metro System and then joined the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in San Luis Obispo. Meanwhile he received his EIT license in 1989. In 1990 he came back to Iran, and joined Sabir Company as the Project Manager of Saveh Dam and two years later in 1992 he established a Management company, Water Engineering Management (WEM), and managed and completed four dam and water transfer projects. In 1996 he was hired by Kish Free Zone Organization as the Director of Kish Construction and development company and in 4 years he managed and completed more than 80 individual projects. After resigning from KEDC for personal problem he moved to United States in 1999 and got re-stated as project engineer in Design Department of Caltrans. and in 2001 he received his PE (Professional Engineer) license in California under the name of Cameron Z. Pour and in 2007 he retired from Caltrans and was hired by a Joint Venture in the United Arab Emirates (GMT for General Mechanic Co. Melli Sakhteman Co. and Tossar Co.) to work as the executive member of the board to manage construction work in International City Infra Structure Project in Dubai. The Dubai project was completed on 2011 and he came back to Iran and worked in HQ of Melli Sakhteman Company. In 2013 he joined a management company, Abadgaran, as the Project Manager in Nosood water transition project in Kurdistan. By completing the contract, he moved to Kish Island and founded a management and engineering company by name of Kish Pars Associates and worked out some projects as followings

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