This company was established and registered as a project management company in 1993 . The partners who were all from Sabir Company were Late Civil Eng. Amir Hossein Siahpoosh, Late Civil Eng. Mansoor Mishanchi, Mechanical Eng.Behzad Vahabzadeh,Civil Eng.Abbas Pakravan and Civil Eng. Kameran Zolfaghari who was the Director of the company. During 4 years of working in construction business the company could accomplished 5 projects and after losing two partners in an car accident and passing away of other partner, Mr. Zolfaghari bought all the shares of company and completed all incomplete projects but did not get any new job.




This project was assigned on April 1993 to WEM by the management of 15 Khordad Dam as sub-contractor for exvation of 400,000 cubic meters bolders and transport them 25 Km to the lacation of the dam site to build a dike to protect the Ghom-Isfahan highway from flooding after empoundment of the dam. This rock fill embankment was 140 meters long and up to 20 maters high adjacent to the dam body and 3 meters high near the highway. The dam was located at Dalijan County near the Ghom-Isfahan Highway. The Dam construction started without suffition studies by consultant engineers ( Mahab ), so Phase 1 of project studies was being formed during the construction, therefore a lot of changes needed to be done as long as the job proceeded. One of the additional operations was to construct a dike to prevent water to flood the highway after empounding. Since the dike should be built before empoundment so the job was urgent and compulsive. WEM hired more than 40 trucks, bulldozers, loaders and mechanical shovels to do the job fast. Whole budget for this procees was 580 Milion Rials . The job was done in less than 3 months and delivered the main contractor (Sabir Company)


This project was a joint project between Sepano Construction Company and WEM in Chamestan, Mazandaran. WEM was in charge of project management and running the site for execution of whole work. Sepano was in charge of finanance. The project started in September 1981 and completed in Novembre 1994. . The job was to construct a 300-Meter wide at the crown and 28-Meter height reservoir dam for irrigation of 800 acres of rice farms from Amol to Noor in Central Mazandaran. The client was Mazandaran Water and Eletricity Authorities and the consultant was Consultant Engineers. The dam was an earth dam with a bitumin curtain and pure clay core and riprap cover. The job was done in three years which was 12 months delay becuase in 1995 more than 200 days were raining and the core was clay and we had to wait until the clay gains back its optimized wetness and could be compacted to 100%. The project was hand-over to the client and the lake behind the dam is now a beatiful forest park with recreational facilitis and aslo a location for geese, swans, and ducks to make nest around the lake.

Spread and compaction of core
The spillway concreting
Pouring bentonite for the curtain
Buldozer D-8 trapped in mud during rain
The ŔćEnergy Decipator Blocks at bottom of spillway
Leveling and compaction
Protective Rip-rap
Openning ceremony


This project was awarded to WEM as the sub-contractor through a tender process in 1994. The main client was Ab Niroo Company but WEM client was ILBAU from Austria. The consultant Enginner was La Mayer from Germany and Moshanir for electrical works. The location of the site was 30 Km north of Masjed Soleiman in Khoozestan Providence. The project was to contruct intke structure that was 40 Meter high and a transit structure that divert the Karoon river water to the diversion tunnel. .A part of projects was trasit structure that was built between in-take and tunnel for transforming a 9-meter suare cross-section to a circle with the 9-m diameters in a 12 meter distans. The design of moldings and fabrication was a hand craft that was done perfect and exact. Even the re-bars forming and installment was an act of art. The job was done in 11 months and turned over to ILBAU and was set in operation.

Description of pictures : From top to bottom and left to right : (1) Prepare foundation and installment of Earthing system (2) First concrete pouring for foundation (3) Concrete pouring for second stage of foundation (4) Installing rebars for first stage walls (5) Detail of rebars - 7 rows of T-32 and T-18 (6) Formworks and rebars installment for walls (7) First stage walls (8) Goose neck formworks and rebar installment (9) Backside of intake structure and beginning of transition to tunnel (10) Inspectors from Lahmeyer and Moshaneer (11) Goose neck formworks installing (12) Transition structure from intake to tunnel (13) Completed intake first stage (14) Complete intake second stage (15) Intake under operation and impoundment


This project was awarded to WEM as the sub-contractor by avoiding the tender process because WEM had been done a great job in Intake-Structure Project and was the only experienced contractor dor that job. The main client was Ab Niroo Company but WEM client was Dalim International from South Korea and its partner Tablie-Perlit, two first grade Iranian construction firms. The consultant Enginner was La Mayer from Germany and Moshanir for electrical works. The location of the site was 30 Km north of Masjed Soleiman in Khoozestan Providence. The project was to construct stilling basin and decipation structure right in front of the diversion tunnel on Karoon River. The plan was to build 36 reinforced concrete cube blocks with 6-meter sides dimension and 2-meter depth in the basin and installing Gabions around them and fix them by piling and grouting and pinning to ground. this basin or decipator structure was to slow down the velocity and pressure of the water coming out of the diversion tunnel that was 9 meters high with a huge pressure. Most of work were done underwater and rebar installers and fromworkers worked under water to install moldings and rebars. The concrete was also poured underwater. The job was done in 100 days and turned over to the client and was set in operation.

Description of pictures : From top to bottom and left to right : (1) Excavation and concrete pour underwater (2) anchor drilling in the slopes of the basin (3) Concrete pouring on the slopes (4) Installing rebars and moldings for blocks (5) Concrete pour


This project was originaly assigned to the Bureau of National Projects in 1983 during the Iran-Irak war to design a dike to stop fellow of Karkheh River water to swamps at the south of Dasht-e-Abbas and also impoundment water in an reservoir for later use. The bureau prepared all plans and handed over to Engineering Corps. After the war the same project was awarded to Water Engineering Management by Sepasad Company to construct the dam. The part of work that was assigned to WEM was to design the project site including Camps , Batching plants, material crushers, gravel grading screens units and also to prepare the method statements for concreting and using the equipment. The job was done in less than a year and the dam construction commenced and completed in 10 years and now is operating to control flood and also irrigation of Abbas Plain in south-west of Iran.